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What value do ICF credentialed coaches deliver to leaders?

ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires leaders to maximize their personal and professional potential. As an effective coach, our job is to forge a relationship and create a space where a client can explore new perspectives and change behaviors. A coaching credential, cannot promise chemistry between a coach and a leader but it is an assurance of professional coaching and delivering the following value proposition.

Develop a coaching contract

ICF Credentialed Coaches are bound to articulate professional service agreements and develop a results-oriented partnership with their clients. We mutually agree to a coaching engagement to establish a healthy working relationship between leader and coach by defining the goal and the responsibilities of both parties for success.

Guarantee confidentiality and integrity

ICF Credentialed Coaches uphold professional standards and pledge commitment to the ICF Code of Ethics. We ensure leaders that we conduct coaching professionally and we disclose any conflicts of interest. We maintain privacy and confidentiality to create an environment conducive to deeper conversations.

Enable client-generated solutions

ICF Credentialed Coaches adhere to the definition of coaching as a client-centric practice. We work from the leaders’ agenda to address their challenges and facilitate a process whereby clients generate solutions for themselves. 

Facilitate learning and results

ICF Credentialed Coaches undergo an evidence-based assessment of our ability to deliver to ICF Core Competencies. We use an effective methodology to achieve outcomes in every intervention by allowing leaders to acquire awareness, to broaden perspectives, and to design relevant actions.

Share state-of-the-art practices

ICF Credentialed Coaches commit to on-going professional development and receive mentoring to maintain our credentials. We stay current of coaching developments and continuously enhance our practice with new knowledge, tools, and ICF thought-leading research resources.

Every leader needs a coach.

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