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Success! What is your real relationship with Success?

What is your real relationship with Success? Has it been your driving force and helped you reach the leadership position that you are in today?

Like you, I’ve two choices every morning – to either stay asleep with my dreams or wake up and work towards achieving my goals!

There are no real secrets to being successful. I firmly believe that each one of us possesses every quality required to become successful in our respective desired fields. It is not necessary that each one of us defines success in a similar manner; for some – being successful could simply mean:

being in a well paid job with an MNC;

being a good leader who is loved by his team or

being a caring and responsible boss;

while others could equate success with wealth, fame, power, or materialistic possessions.

The only challenge is to be able to correctly identify yourself to define your terms, to be clear of your intentions, and to eventually be a person of action.

9 ways how “Success” moves me!

Believe in yourself!

It is important for you to realize that as long as you have a heartbeat, your existence has a purpose. It is essential that you realize you were born to do great things, you were meant to excel in life. It is often said that positive thinking is half of the work, and remembering this mantra will definitely provide you with good vibes to start each day with a positive attitude and a fresh outlook.

Evaluate where you stand!

For example, look around and recognize the success that you have achieved! Look at the level of success you may have reached in areas of your work life, in the community, your personal life, and identify the driving force that has brought you this far.

Assess our strengths!

Choose to believe in who you are! Assess your unexplored potential and abilities. Make a list of your accomplishments; recognize yourself for making it so far. Doing so will assist you in intuitively knowing the gaps you need to address.

Set clear intentions!

This step requires you to be absolutely clear of your definition of success, being fully aware and confident of your wants. Once you have set your mind on a specific outcome, you should write your intentions down to remind yourself of your purpose every day.

Be inspired!

This has been my personal mantra and it has been rightly saying, “Once you have clarity on what you want from life, the inspiration can take you far.” There are numerous ways to get inspired in your daily life. Find your inspiration and watch it become a contributing factor in paving your path to success!

Get, Set, Go!

Now that you know where you want to be, the next step is to come up with an effective strategy that will take you to that final point. Here is when you begin to put your words to work, translating every aspiration of yours from a dream to a reality.

Tap your resources!

Create the right actions that need to be taken in order to attain the best possible outcome desired. Accordingly, utilize the necessary resources to execute your actions! Harness technology, lean in on people, develop systems. 

Be Focused!

Once you have defined your work plan, being focused plays an important role. Giving your full devotion to the task on hand results in being in a zone where you will find yourself optimizing your time and productivity, guiding you towards taking the action to create the results you seek to be successful.

Handwork translates into Success!

Success understood completely is well-defined by Vincent Lambardi, “The pride of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” So, as long as you are sincere in your efforts and give it a 100%, success is bound to be the result!

Always remember the essential truth is that you already possess all that you need to attract success in your life. You have the ability to create, manifest and work hard towards the goals you desire – the trick is to access that inner power and put it out there for others to see!

Now that you know what success really requires, what is stopping you from getting started?

Do share your comments, views and action you will take from here!

Jasveer Malaney, PCC, is an award-winning Executive Leadership Coach & Trainer, who helps managers become more effective and influential in their roles by elevating their leadership abilities. If you are ready to Elevate the Leader in You, contact me at

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