Team Coaching

If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition at any time. Quoted in Lencioni, 2002: VII

Team coaching has gained momentum as an effective practice for organizations. Team coaching is a group development process of working together with hi-performing individuals, to integrate and work as teams together to achieve the highest potential as a group.

The goal of the Team Coach is to support and develop group competencies, find alignment with the shared vision, consistent with the organizational values. As a trained Organizational Systems & Relationship Coach, enables me to identify the areas of challenges and design engaging team exercises, which enable us to target and remove any toxicity in the system.

The Team Coach specializes in building support to develop team identity, solidify relationships, and overcome common causes of team dysfunction. This enables a high performance environment, that leads to positive changes and finding the optimal balance of team collaboration.

Team Collaboration Coaching:

• Clarify and align team purpose, goals among team members
• Resolving conflict and co-creating partnership
• Enhancing employee engagement and commitment
• Improving overall team results and achieving revenues targets

Board Coaching & Facilitation:

To create harmonious working relationships with the Board Members, I work with the Chair and the Executive Team to review and audit the overall performance and functioning of the team to understand the challenges faced.

We then review the Organization’s vision, needs and goals. This helps me to customize and design agenda, incorporating the information from the assessment, formal and informal feedbacks to meet the specific needs of the top team.

We then facilitate the Team meetings and Board retreats, always ensuring a safe and open space for drawing inputs, ideation, and collaborative solutions.

We work closely with each Board member, to manage expectations, empowering each member of the team to move towards achieving their set business objectives as contributing partners.

As a result the Board Members feel engaged and aligned with the organization’s and their own personal value system and the functioning of the Board.

Assessment Centres

  • Design the Program for the day to meet the Organization’s requirement
  • Plan the Assessment Centre Day program
  • Onboard team of coaches & assessor
  • Manage the Day’s activities with tight schedule
  • Onboard the Leaders & explain the activities
  • Provide reports and progression inputs to HR